[1Ed] Prototype 7: Quicksnap

In this chapter, you make a puzzle game based on first-person shooter (FPS) movement and control. The player is shown a complex environment and tasked with taking specific photos.

Although this book certainly could have included a more traditional FPS (first-person shooter), you could probably already make one yourself using the skills you’ve learned from previous chapters. Instead, this prototype focuses on a different style of gameplay and enables me to present some concepts such as XML creation and light baking.


  • p. 703 – See note below about changes to GUIText in Unity 4.6.
  • See notes below about major changes due to Unity 5.

Unity 4.6 and Unity 5.x Update Deprecating GUIText

With the release of Unity 4.6 came major changes to the GUI (Graphical User Interface) within Unity. This process has continued, and now in Unity 5.4, they have completely deprecated the use of the old immediate mode GUI system. Now, I recommend using the much more robust UGUI (Unity Graphical User Interface) system and have described how to incorporate it into the projects in the first edition of the book here.

Unity 5 Update

As mentioned in the book, Unity 4 lightmapping works through an included piece of software called Autodesk Beast, while Unity 5 uses Geomerics Enlighten engine. Because of this, the instructions for specific lightmapping settings in the book will no longer work. Additional information will be posted here soon.

Additionally, Unity made a few changes to their C# code for Unity 5. The PDF below contains full code listings for the TargetCamera.cs and Prototools/Utils.cs, which each require small changes due to Unity 5. These few changes are all highlighted in yellow in the code listings.


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