Chapter 33: Prospector Solitaire – Part 1

In this chapter, you make the skeleton of your first card game, a digital version of the popular Tri-Peaks solitaire game. By the end of the chapter, you’ll have not only a basic version of a working card game but also a great framework for future card games you want to create. The next chapter will make this game look much prettier.

This chapter includes several new techniques, including using JSON configuration files, making a WebGL build, and your first look at Unity’s 2D sprite tools.

Starter Kit UnityPackage

Note: By default, Chrome will not allow the download of any UnityPackage files. Google has marked all unitypackage files as “malicious.” To download this file, right-click it (control-click on macOS) and choose Save Link As… . This will show you a red exclamation point at the bottom of your browser window, but you can click the ^ next to that message and choose Keep to download the file.