[1Ed] Prototype 3: Space Shmup

The SHMUP (or shoot ’em up) game genre includes such classic games as Galaga and Galaxian from the 1980s and the modern masterpiece Ikaruga.

In this chapter, you create a SHMUP using several programming techniques that will serve you well throughout your programming and prototyping careers, including class inheritance, enums, static fields and methods, and the singleton pattern. Though you’ve seen many of these techniques before, they will be used more extensively in this prototype.

Unity 5 Update

Unity made a few changes to their C# code for Unity 5. The PDF below contains full code listings for the Enemy_4.cs, Main.cs, PowerUp.cs, Projectile.cs, Shield.cs, Utils.cs, and Weapon.cs code files, which all require small changes due to Unity 5. These few changes are all highlighted in yellow in the code listings.

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