Chapter 35: Prototype 7: Dungeon Delver

In this chapter, you make a top-down adventure game similar to the original Legend of Zelda for the NES. This chapter replaces the QuickSnap and Omega Mage prototypes from the first edition, and the new chapter includes much more component-oriented coding and a more interesting game.

I am currently developing a Unity editor extension to allow level editing in DungeonDelver and demonstrate some editor extension code (i.e., code that allows you to create new GUIs for editor windows inside of Unity).


Starter Package


Minor Errata in Text

  • p.846 – At the top of the page, in the non-bold code from before, this line:
            eTileNum = TileCamera.MAP[x,y];

    should instead read:

            eTileNum = TileCamera.GET_MAP(x,y);

    Thanks to Brandon Azer for noticing this error.